The Training Wheels Come Off

The other day, my son Hamzah, asked me to take the training wheels off his bike. He’s been riding his bike with training wheels off and on for almost two years now, but as a typical parent I thought he wasn’t ready.

He somehow talked my wife into removing them while I was at work and I got the pleasure of now training him to balance. To my surprise, he picked it up fairly quickly. But I really shouldn’t have been surprised. Hamzah has been able to pick up almost everything we throw at him fairly quickly. So today, we decided to go on our longest trip, and I recorded it on my phone using the great My Tracks app on Android. Here’s our two mile ride!

I figured this would be a great post to to use to take the training wheels off the blog and make it public, finally. There’s still a few pages I need to update and add content to, but hopefully I’ll do that soon. Most of the posts here will probably be quick thoughts that I can’t fit on Twitter or Facebook. Find best real money online casino on! Speaking of which, please use the links on the side to follow me on both those networks.